As insurance companies and HMOs squeeze more and more profit from professional medical practices, physicians must find new sources of income. Elective cosmetic and aesthetic procedures have become a fast-growing way to create new revenue streams.
Laser lipolysis, hair removal, tattoo removal, skin rejuvenation, photofacials, vein treatments, and other elective cosmetic procedures have shifted from extravagant to mainstream. You cannot open a women’s magazine without a mention of some sort of cosmetic laser treatment.

The highly prohibitive costs of new aesthetic lasers can make the profitability of your business nearly impossible. Fortunately, the advancements in medical laser technology over the last few years, as well as changes in the economy, now offer you the ability to buy medical lasers of almost any type at significant savings – often up to 75% off of manufacturer prices.


We give accurate information, supply quality products and services, and our business practices are based on fairness and benefit to the client. Ultimately we stand behind our products and our sales. This makes our customers not simply buyers; they are our long term partners.

Every cosmetic laser we sell is inspected, tested and refurbished to manufacturer’s specifications at our warehouse before it is ever available for resale. This ensures that our certified pre-owned lasers are the best on the secondary market.

Time and date stamped pictures and videos, serial numbers, and shot counts are provided for each laser that we sell. We pride ourselves on offering not only quality equipment, but a quality experience.

Search our certified pre-owned medical laser inventory or call Sentient Lasers if you are looking for a specific make or model of medical laser, IPL, or Body Contouring Device.

Due to high sales volume, our inventory changes daily, so call 1-855-819-3781 for the most current available aesthetic lasers.



The vision for Sentient Lasers was one born of necessity. The necessity for a reputable company in the pre-owned cosmetic laser space is obvious – any cursory internet search will expose hundreds of practitioners that have had a negative experience in the pre-owned arena from a large number of different firms.

Sentient Lasers began revolutionizing the used laser industry in 2008, and continues to expand on its mission of providing the best customer experience available.  We invest great resources into our engineering department and are known for delivering the highest quality, most reliable pre-owned aesthetic lasers to physicians and medspas around the world. Our salespeople are taught to listen to our customers, and to help them choose the laser, IPL, or RF device that will provide the maximum financial benefit to their business.
We have thousands of happy customers and are always looking to add more to that list.